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  • Core Competitiveness

    •     Senga Tech Corporation has strong leadership and excellent working team, with abundant experience in fabrication of polymer micropowders, PTFE antidripping agents and many other functional polymer materials by using unique radiation techniques and pulverization process. The research team is mainly from Shanghai Institute of Applied Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    •     Senga has a long history in R&D and application of polymer micropowders (e.g. PTFE, PE and PTFE/PE mixed wax), it is possible to design a specific product according to the request of customer, in terms of particle size & size distribution, dispersibility, transparency, and wear-resistance. By a combination of radiation degradation and cryogenic milling technology, Senga is able to produce micropowders of PMMA, POM, PA and HDPE,the products are widely used in various coatings, inks, engineering plastics and lubricants.
    •     Senga is also producing different types of PTFE antidripping agents for the use in PC, PC/ABS, PP, nylon, EPDM and other plastics.