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  • SJ-D(PTFE/Antidripping agent)

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      Volume density (g/ml) 
      Average particle size(micron)
      Main performance
      User guide
      SJ-D817 White powder >230 0.48~0.56 NA 25 Anti-dripping PP 0.1%~0.5%
      SJ-D828-SAN White powder >230 0.50~0.60 NA 25 Anti-dripping PC 0.1%~0.5%
      SJ-D831 White powder >200 0.46~0.50 NA 25 Anti-dripping PC 0.1%~0.5%
    •     SJ-D817 is a kind of environmental friendly anti-dripping agent that is encapsulated by PC/ABS, it can be added to PC, ABS, PC/ABS, HIPS, and other plastics.
      1.improving the flame retardency of materials;
      2.reducing the amount of flame retardants;
      3.achieving UL-V0 level with minimal dosage and increasing the value of the modified products.